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A Balanced Life

We are creatures, composed of body and soul, and we cannot be happy when we do not maintain a balance in life that provides for the health of both. When we think of the motto of St. Benedict — “Ora et Labora” (Pray and Work) — we find this balance. If we read the lives of the saints, we often find them seeking out manual labor not as a matter of necessity for their food and clothing, but as a means of disciplining their body and keeping it in good health.

We cannot pray or study with bodies that are unhealthy.

Many turn to artificial exercise to keep their bodies fit: they walk, they run, they go to the gym, etc. Many have no other option. However, for those who do have the option, there is no better source for physical exercise than farm and garden work.

This work is not vain activity like artificial exercise. This work serves a number of different ends, all of which are desirable:

  1. We exercise and strengthen our bodies
  2. We improve our property
  3. We produce necessary items: fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, dairy products, etc.

Moreover, the seasons of the year provide us with variety that keeps our activity from becoming monotonous and boring.

With out bodies healthy and well-exercises, we will be better disposed disposed to study and pray because we will not be distracted with thoughts about whether our bodies are healthy or not. We can allow our bodies to rest while we study or pray.

God bless your families,
Mr. William C. Michael, President
Classical Liberal Arts Society

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