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Keeping Children Busy

I have to admit that, as a parent, I get annoyed by other parents. I hear men and women complaining constantly about kids with phones, video games, etc., but what are the kids’ alternatives?

Pray all day?

Study all day?

Obviously, parents don’t believe this is realistic: they don’t practice it themselves.

The real problem these kids have is that there’s nothing to do, and this is the parents’ fault. Parents have to create desirable activities for the children and this isn’t difficult.

Parents should create opportunities for children to work for pay that gives children a constant motivation to work rather than waste time. Most parents try to make kids work for free, which is slavery. The kids will hate it–and rightfully so. Parents should create opportunities for the kids to do healthy, helpful work that earns them some decent money, say $10 per hour.

Gardening is a great source of such work.

Parents can create and start gardens each season, then pay children to maintain them: weeding, watering, removing insects, etc., are necessary maintenance tasks that adults don’t need to do. Children will be happy to do these tasks for $10 per hour.

Now, I am sure that parents will complain, “We can’t afford to pay the kids to work.”–but you have to. The alternative is to have idle kids and your complaining about them being idle is your own fault.

If you’re an adult, you should have a profession which provides you with much more money when you devote yourself to it than gardening does. And if your children’s work in the gardens allows you to devote yourself to your professional work, then that should make the family more money–not less.

Besides, if you’re spending money at the grocery store on produce, you can give that money to your children to care for gardens rather than to the grocer.

Why don’t you ever complain about paying the grocery store?

That’s why your children are idle.


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