The Church and the Land


Book on Catholic agriculture and economics by the Dominican Irishman, Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P. (1868-1943).



The Church and the Land is a collection of essays and articles by England’s famous Dominican Distributist. De facto “chaplain” to the Distributists and the Distributist movement, Fr. McNabb was in many ways the most passionate and fervent of those seeking reform of economic life in the name of truly human values. In over 40 short essays, Fr. McNabb tackles subjects as diverse and yet unified as industrialism, morality and economics, working conditions, and the role of the state in shaping and defending the proper economic conditions. Fr. McNabb’s is a common and yet unique voice within the Distributist tradition, for he represents the voice of the Church, with its characteristic concern for morality and the salvation of souls, in economic as well as all other aspects of man’s daily life.

Note:  The Academy does not endorse “Distributism” as an economic system, but recommends this book as a good source for thinking about Catholic household economics.


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