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Remove the Cause, not the Symptom

In modern society, when people are unwell, they imagine that science offers some chemical solution that can be used to spot-treat their problem.

When these people attempt to cultivate plants to raise animals, they bring the philosophy with them.

The right way to solve problems in living bodies is to investigate the cause of a problem and, whenever possible, eliminate it. The goal is long-term, sustainable health, not immediate appearances of it.

Plants live by fire, air, water and earth–the four classical elements. If these elements are right, with God’s blessing, plants will grow to perfection. If plants are not right, this is the cause, and it is the farmer’s work to fix it.

For example, if plants are receiving too little sunlight (fire), they will not grow. If plants have too little or too much water, they will fail. If there is not enough or too much air, plants will fail. If the earth is not for the needs of a certain plant, that plant will not grow.

The farmer’s role is to serve as the conductor of plants, animals and the elements and bring them into harmony. This is the real and long-term goal on a farm.

Anything less is unsustainable.

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